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Cairns Tropical Zoo
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Cairns Tropical Zoo

Cairns Tropical Zoo

Cairns Tropical Zoo is the largest and most diverse wildlife attraction in Cairns Tropical North Queensland Australia. The unique and exotic animals that call Cairns Tropical Zoo home are an eclectic mixture of native Australian animals and other endangered wildlife from around the globe. Cairns Tropical Zoo provides unlimited opportunities to have an intimate wilderness experience, with many of the animals free roaming.

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Wheelchair access available Caters for visual impairments Caters for the hearing impaired

Cairns Tropical Zoo


Cairns Tropical Zoo is located over six hectares of rainforest land that features easily accessible elevated boardwalks that wind throughout beautifully manicured gardens, native Australian bush land and water features.  Upon entering Cairns Tropical Zoo visitors are greeted by Max the blue and gold macaw.  Max is always keen for a chat; however watch your fingers…he bites!  The spacious boardwalks that are suitable for prams and wheelchairs wind through the Cairns wildlife attractions pathways and lead visitors past a myriad of exotic wildlife including friendly wallabies, sleepy koalas, dangerous salt water crocodiles, sloth like wombats, cheeky monkeys and the cute red pandas Marley and Rahrah. These pandas are part of the exotic and endangered species of Red Panda from the Himalayas and are part of an international breeding program

Rainforest Bird Aviary

The walk-through rainforest aviaries are a cool tropical retreat and are shaded by the canopy of forest trees.  Relax in this cool bird sanctuary and enjoy the exotic birds of the Australian rainforests as they nest in the trees and soar through the skies.  Bird feeding occurs at regular intervals throughout the day, a breathtaking demonstration of the natural habits of the feathered creatures of the forest.

Marvel at the different array of birds in the 3 different walk through aviaries. The ‘Birds of Prey’ hosts the Kookaburra, Frogmouth, and Barn Owls, while the other two host a variety of rainforest birds which are predominantly native to the region. The noise is deafening and the colors are amazing as you hand feed the tame lorikeets. And if you’re lucky, Keety the tamest lorikeet might come and sit on your shoulder.

Cuddle a Koala at the Cairns Wildlife Zoo

Cairns Tropical Zoo is an interactive wildlife attraction that allows visitors to get up close and personal to the friendly animals.  The walk-through kangaroo enclosure allows visitors to feed and pet these native Australian creatures, a real favourite for the children and international visitors.

Cute Koala’s can be cuddled by children as well as adults and if you are game enough you can even drape a slithery Australian Python around your neck for a photograph. Souvenir photographs are available for long lasting memories of this intimate wildlife experience.  There are a number of wildlife shows throughout the day (programs are available when entering Cairns Tropical Zoo) and include snake shows, crocodile shows, free flight bird shows and red panda presentations amongst others. 

Cairns Tropical Zoo provides an environment as close as possible to that the animals would enjoy in their natural habitat, and the wildlife shows often demonstrate the natural instincts and habits of these sensational creatures.  The groups of dedicated and professional wildlife keepers that work at Cairns Tropical Zoo are extremely knowledgeable about the wildlife and are more than happy to answer questions or simply have a chat.

Animals of interest at Cairns Tropical Zoo include:

  • Koala – are an iconic Australian marsupial.  Koala Bears aren’t actually bears at all, but named after their resemblance to cuddly teddy bears.  Koala’s vary in size and colour depending on where they live in Australia, they all sleep around 20 hours a day, and their diets are Eucalypt leaves.  Koalas are an endangered species, with very low numbers left in the wild.  Urbanisation, roads and domestic dogs threaten the koala, with zoo’s providing a safe haven for these quintessential Australian animals. 
  • Crocodiles – Saltwater Crocodiles are a real feature at Cairns Tropical Zoo.  Saltwater Crocodiles are the world’s largest crocodilian, with males average size measuring 17 feet (5 metres) long and weighing 1,000 pounds (450 kilograms).  Saltwater Crocodiles are prolific throughout Far North Queensland estuaries and rivers so it is best to take notice of the danger signs and stay away from the river’s edge. The zoo is home to alligators, freshwater crocodiles and the fearsome estuarine crocodile. Sarge, one of the most famous crocs, was caught up in Bamaga after he took one of the local policeman’s dogs. He had to spend the night in the watch house because it was the only place his enormous 5.2 meter frame would fit. See the experienced keepers hand feed these living dinosaurs in a spectacular Crocodile Show
  • Australian Dingo’s – while Dingo dogs are typically thought to be native Australians, they were actually introduced around 3,000 to 4,000 years ago from their original home of South-East Asia.  These golden, reddish canines roam great distances (either alone or in packs of up to ten) and communicate through wolf-like howls.  Their diet consists of rabbits, rodents, birds, lizards, fruits and plants and are opportunistic hunters.  While Dingo’s are not uncommon in Northern Australia, their pure genetic strain is being comprised with their prolific interbreeding with domestic dogs. 
  • Kangaroos – are the most recognizable and distinctive Australian ambassador.  Kangaroos are the largest surviving marsupial on earth, and are well known for their unique style of movement; hopping on hind legs using their large, muscular tail for balance.  They dine on plant matter, and are found all over Australia.  The Eastern Grey Kangaroo can be found in eastern Australian, the Western Grey Kangaroo in southern and western coastal areas, and the Red Kangaroos in central Australia.  Wander through Cairns Tropical Zoo’s free-roaming kangaroo enclosure where you will see 40 tame Eastern Grey Kangaroos, and be able to pet and feed these native Australian animals. 

Where to eat at the Zoo

The Koala Café is one of the main attractions at Cairns Tropical Zoo.  Located over the freshwater river and next to a Koala enclosure, this is the ideal location to relax in the shaded open air café and enjoy the abundance of wilderness.  The lake is teeming with a variety of exotic birds, turtles and fish, and the sleepy Koalas make perfect companions over breakfast, lunch or light refreshments. 

Breakfast at the Zoo

Cairns Tropical Zoo also offers ‘Breakfast with the Koalas’ where visitors are treated to a sumptuous tropical breakfast while enjoying an intimate acquaintance with cute and cuddly Koalas. 

Dinner at the Zoo

As a lot of animals in the tropics are nocturnal this is a great time to see them at their best scurrying around foraging for food and coming up to you to see what morsels you may have for them. Enjoy dinner, drinks and merriment along with the animal interactions for a night at the Cairns Tropical Zoo. (link here to night zoo page)

All Cairns tropical Zoo pathways, show presentations and exhibits are wheelchair accessible

Cairns Tropical Zoo Includes Daily Shows Including:

  • Snake Show – an educational presentation showcasing our deadly (and not so deadly) native snakes Enjoy seeing the most toxic terrestrial snake, the inland taipan which can kill 250,000 lab mice or 60 adults in one teaspoon of venom, learn vital first aid and get to pat the Black headed python. See one of the largest pythons in captivity it will make your skin crawl.
  • Giant Saltwater Crocodile Show – watch them feed and learn more about these pre-historic creatures just don’t get too close.
  • Red Panda Presentation – an educational presentation on these highly endangered cute little pandas
  • Koala Presentation – an educational presentation that allows an up-close and personal meeting with these furry mammals.  (Photos cuddling with koalas at additional cost).   
  • Free Flight Bird Show – an enthralling demonstration of the free-flight ability of exceptional birds including eagles and cockatoos.  This demonstration is not to be missed on a visit to Cairns Tropical Zoo.  Experience close encounters with many bird species including the majestic Sea Eagles. Look out for the barn owl Dawn and the cheeky cockatoo Rumpole that thinks he is a kangaroo.
  • Lorikeet Feeding – watch as the lorikeets are fed and learn more about our colourful feathered friends. 
  • All animal and wildlife presentations are included in admission cost

Cairns Tropical Zoo Opening Hours:

  • Open daily from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.  Closed Christmas day. 

Cairns Tropical Zoo Location:

Cairns Tropical Zoo is located 20 minutes north of the City Cairns along the Captain Cook Highway or 35 minutes south of Port Douglas.  Visitors can drive, hire a car, take a bus or book a tour transfer from your hotel

Kangaroo Feeding All Day
Bird Feeding 8.45am & 4.00pm
Red Pandas 09:15am & 1:15pm
Snake Show 9:45am & 1:45pm
Free Flight Birds 10:15am & 3:30pm
Koala Keeper Talk 10:45am & 2:15pm
Estuarine Crocodiles 11:30am & 3:00pm
Wombat & Crocodile Photos 2:30pm
Cuddle a Koala Photos (extra cost) 9.00 & 11.00am, 1.00 & 2.30pm


Included in Price

General Admission Includes all wildlife shows and presentations plus free return entry for two days following date of original visit. (Not transferrable and ID required)


For Bookings Call Now!

1300 761 612


Optional Extras

Large Souvenir & Gift Shop

Koala Cafe provides Coffee, Snacks & Meals

Koala Cuddle & Photo



Cairns Tropical Zoo is open from 08:30 - 16:00


Days of Operation

Daily - Except Christmas Day


Departs From



Pickup From

  • Cairns


What To Bring

Please wear comfortable clothes and enclosed flat shoes.


Child Policies

Child rate 4-15yrs inclusive. Family rate = 2 adults + 2 children


Additional Information

Things You Need To Know
Due to unforeseeable animal behavioural and management issues Cairns Tropical Zoo cannot guarantee all animals and activities listed will be available. In this event, a full refund or alternate booking will be offered.
It is your responsibility to advise the Zoo if you have a medical condition that you or your doctor feel may affect your participation in the animal experience.
Don’t wear strong perfume or aftershave or excessively bright colours as they may disturb animals and cause unexpected responses.
Please wear comfortable clothes and enclosed flat shoes.
Your safety is our priority. You must agree to follow the keeper's instructions at all times to ensure an enjoyable experience for both animals and participants.
Cairns Tropical Zoo reserves the right to end an experience at any time.



Cairns Tropical Zoo



Arrive early in the morning or a little later in the afternoon as the animals will be a lot more active and foraging about at the cooler part of the day. Breakfast and dinner at the Zoo is to be pre-booked to ensure your place. Easy access for prams, wheelchairs and people with limited disabilities.

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2015 - 2016

1 Apr 15 - 31 Mar 16
Cairns Tropical Zoo - Self Drive Book Now
Adult Child Family
$34.00 $17.00 $85.00
Cairns Tropical Zoo AM or PM with transfers ex Palm Cove Book Now
Adult Child Family
$47.00 $23.50 $117.50
Great Australian Wildlife Experience -Self Drive Book Now
Adult Child Family
$64.00 $32.00 $160.00
Cairns Tropical Zoo AM or PM with transfers ex Cairns & Northern Beaches Book Now
Adult Child Family
$67.00 $33.50 $167.50
Great Australian Wildlife Experience with transfers ex Palm Cove Book Now
Adult Child Family
$105.00 $52.50 $262.50
Cairns Night Zoo - Self Drive Book Now
Adult Child Family
$105.00 $52.50 -
Cairns Night Zoo with transfers ex Palm Cove Book Now
Adult Child Family
$118.00 $59.00 -
Great Australian Wildlife Experience with transfers ex Cairns & Northern Beaches Book Now
Adult Child Family
$121.00 $60.50 $302.50
Zootastic 5 - Self Drive Book Now
Adult Child Family
$125.00 $125.00 -
Zootastic 5 with transfers ex Palm Cove Book Now
Adult Child Family
$131.00 $131.00 -
Cairns Night Zoo with transfers ex Cairns & Northern Beaches Book Now
Adult Child Family
$138.00 $69.00 -
Zootastic 5 with Transfers ex Cairns & Northern Beaches Book Now
Adult Child Family
$151.00 $151.00 -


Optional Extras for 2015 - 2016

The following optional extras can be purchased at time of booking.

Koala Cuddle & Photo
Adult Child Family
$20.00 $20.00 -

Information for Disabled Travellers


Cairns Tropical Zoo Disability Summary

Location: Captain Cook Hwy, Palm Cove

Wheelchair Accessibility: Good


  • Wheelchair accessible throughout park with extra wide paths.
  • A ramp provided to restaurant.
  • Specially designed unisex wheelchair accessible toilet available.


  • All day activities and presentations are accessible.
  • All night zoo activities and presentations are accessible.
  • Unpaved but even ground in kangaroo habitat and bird feeding area.
  • Slightly steep inclines to Flight Bird show, viewing area easily accessible.


  • Sunbus (Cairns public bus company wheelchair accessible)  has a bus stop located out the front of Cairns Tropical Zoo (will have to cross the Captain Cook Highway for return)
  • Wheelchair accessible taxi at own cost.
  • Shuttle bus available for collapsible wheelchairs, 1 – 2 steps to negotiate depending on vehicle operating.
  • Disabled parking available to right of entry.

Visually Impaired Information

  • Some uneven walking areas.
  • Commentary provided at wildlife presentations.
  • Travel with a carer recommended.

Hearing Impaired Information

  • Visual information provided including maps, wildlife presentation times and signage throughout the park. 

Companion Card Information

  • Free entry for carer, proof of companion card required.

Wheelchair Access



Caters for Visually Impaired

Yes - see information


Caters for Hearing Impaired

Yes - see information

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